Global Leader in First-Touch Golf

The easiest, most effective way to teach & learn golf – this basic training empowers golf education and play in all realms of first-touch environments – Schools, Golf Facilities, Parks & Recreation, Camps, Leagues.

Why become a Certified ShortGolf Coach?

ShortGolf, golf in a shortened format, is extremely fun to play and extremely easy to teach. A fun game that can be played almost anywhere, ShortGolf is also an effective vehicle for instructors and coaches wanting to teach golf or introduce this lifetime sport.  This innovative system is overcoming the barriers relative to traditional golf and providing a new, effective way for anyone to fall in love with the game.

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Breaking Barriers: Portability allows pros to take golf to non-traditional places with SAFE instruction and play


Inclusion: ShortGolf is WELCOMING for all, and creates a less intimidating environment to learn the game


Increase Participation: Group instruction, initial success, rapid skill development & progression. A recipe for increasing program participation!


Benefits of ShortGolf


Initial Success

Experiencing success with an activity elicits continued participation, practice and enjoyment.


Enhanced Skill Development

The ShortGolf system utilizes modified equipment along with simplified instructional cues that increase learner retention and motor efficiency. Motor elements are broken down into segments: grip, stance, swing. This creates quick image references, which players can use for self-correction.


Return of Investment

Group instruction provides fun, social learning environments as well as the opportunity to increase revenue. With club sizes from youth to adult, a plethora of programs can be offered: Juniors, Womens, Seniors, Leagues, Camps.



Any age player can be accommodated with ShortGolf equipment, as can any environment. ShortGolf has been played on fields, in gymnasiums, at the beach and wherever your imagination can take you!



Along with its unmatched durability, the entire above ground ShortGolf system can be stored in the equipment bag and easily transported to a multitude of locations.


The Feel of Real Golf

ShortGolf is exactly as it states: it is golf played in a shortened format. Perhaps its best and most unique player development element is that it emulates the “feel” and play of real golf.

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